WHAT IS A CHATTEL? A Chattel is considered personal property as opposed to real property. It includes any tangible movable items (furniture, lawnmower etc.), which are neither land nor permanently attached to the property. A Fixture on the other hand, isĀ an object firmly fixed in place such as appliances, satellite dishes, carpeting etc. WHY IS… Continue Reading

HST Rebates

Today, the cost of purchasing a new home in Ontario is higher than ever. This is uniquely so when you are buying a home that is newly constructed. These houses are subject to HST at a rate of 13% and is payable on the sale price. This is such the case whether it is a… Continue Reading

The Mortgage

Whether we complete the purchase of your home or not is largely dependent on financing. Financing in the form of a mortgage can come from a lending institution such as a bank or a private lender. The reality is that many people continue to rely on mortgages because of the extremely high costs involved in… Continue Reading


Tarion, an independent non-profit corporation is responsible for the administration of Ontario New Home Warranties Plan Act. Tarion regulates new homebuilders and protects the rights of new homebuyers. Builders are legally obligated to provide protection to homebuyers. Builders must provide up to a seven year warranty on every home built. The warranty is broken into… Continue Reading